HIMS – Cloud : A project to strengthen primary healthcare in the island

The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government in Sri Lanka has embarked on a 5-year project to strengthen primary healthcare in the island. The development objective of the project is to increase the utilization and quality of people-centered primary healthcare services.

On the other hand, the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCD) is a major health concern for the country. Primary Health Care Systems Strengthening Project focusses on preparing the local health care system in meeting evolving challenges, notably the burden of NCDs such as Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, ischemic heart diseases, stroke, respiratory conditions and cancers.

One of the key gaps noted in the local Primary care setup is an information system to handle patient registration, retain their records and make the statistics available at all administrative levels. Supplementing this need, Ministry of Health owned HIMS Cloud system, developed by the Health Informaticians, was introduced to suffice the information gap. The Healthy Lifestyle module (HLC) module of the system was developed in collaboration with the NCD unit, of Ministry of Health.

As a part of implementing this system training of end users was conducted with onsite training programs. Rise of the Covid 19 pandemic hindered the momentum of the training, but a quick adaptation of the online trainings ensured the completion of trainings to all verifiable institutions from 9 provinces.

Moreover the end users representing the institutions which don’t belong to the Primary health care strengthening project which implemented the system, were also trained.

All these trainings were conducted with the collaboration of the NCD unit, Ministry of health.

Summary of trainings done thus far are as follows

Onsite trainings – 4

Online trainings – 7

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