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National Covid-19 Surveillance System

With the COVID-19 outbreak spreading rapidly through Asia at the beginning of 2020, Sri Lanka’s health authorities identified the need to develop and implement an integrated national level COVID19 surveillance system to prevent the disease spreading in the country. The system needed to focus on High-risk person tracking and surveillance, Quarantine case management, Suspect management, Case management, Self-assessment and self-monitoring

Considering these, Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 Surveillance system was developed using DHIS2’s Tracker application, which allows for secure entry and analysis of individual-level data, as well as customizable program stages that facilitate follow up on individual cases by health personnel. Tracker data can be aggregated for national-level reporting and dashboards, while still protecting the privacy and security of individuals whose data are stored in the system.

Implementation of the system commenced at the national, province, district and medical health officer levels–covering the entire country–with separate access controls and dashboards for each level. Future is to convert the integrated platform to the national data repository.

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